For connecting trailers and caravans to the car's lighting system. 

The intelligent electronic tow bar module is designed to connect trailers and caravans to the lighting system of cars, jeeps and minibuses. It’s compatible with the vehicle onboard computer and is designed to be compatible with the bulb failure system that monitors the light current. It’s suitable for CAN BUS vehicles.

Each of the module outputs has a sufficient load capacity, so the module can also be used for caravans and platforms with 13-pin connector too.

In the set:
Universal intelligent electronic tow bar driver module;
20 pin female connector for connecting cables to the module;
Set of cables for connecting to the vehicle’s electrics;
7-pin tow bar connector (mounted on the vehicle);
Mounting fasteners for the 7-pin tow bar connector;
Electrical fasteners for fast connection;
Rubber tow bar cap;
Instruction manual and electrical connection circuits

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Intelligent universal electronic tow bar module

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