Offers fast and accurate method to diagnose engine problems. Verifies the engine mechanical condition before using a scan tool. 

In normal operation of internal combustion engines pulse waves of pressure are generated in various systems. All engines produce such waves and their shape is predictable. All engines produce a predictable pattern of these pulses so any change in shape or appearance of asymmetry of these pulses indicates a problem with the engine. PPS detects such faults as burnt valves, bad injectors and other performance problems without major disassembly of the engine. To visualize the waveform of the output signal of PPS, its electrical part is connected to an oscilloscope. The screen will show in real time the work of valves, cylinders and injectors, and by using synchronization to the 1st cylinder it can be determined by its performance which cylinders has a problem.

In the set:
Pressure Pulse Sensor;
BNC to BNC cable – 2m cable;
2m hose;

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Pressure Pulse Sensor

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